Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

If you like Youtube and watching videos, at least one time you must have noticed the thumbnail.

The thumbnail is the little picture that is shown on the search page for every video, it is used to show a “preview” of the content that you will see.

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When you create a Youtube account and upload a video, Youtube allows you to customize your own thumbnail so you can design a specific image or cover that is not in the rest of the video. However, you can also let the platform automatically set one thumbnail by selecting a frame of the video.

If you came across one video that you liked and you want to download the thumbnail, you can do it with, and here we will explain how.

What is a thumbnail?

The thumbnail picture is made to attract people to watch your video. You can customize it in the Youtube settings and then it will appear on the search results.

Some people like to make creative designs using a frame of the video and a persuasive or interesting title to get more views.

How to download a Youtube thumbnail?

Whatever the reason is, if you want to download the thumbnail of a video that is not yours, you can do two things:

Take a screenshot

First, you can easily make a screenshot of the video. If the video has the thumbnail in the beginning, you can start it, select the highest resolution, and take the screenshot.

However, in the most successful videos, the thumbnail is customized; this means they made a design to be the cover on the video and you cannot find it inside of it. In this case, you can try option 2.

Youtube thumbnail downloader

If the first option is not good for you, you can try a Youtube thumbnail downloader. With this, you can save a youtube thumbnail without any problems. Here is how you do it:

  • Go to the video you want to grab the thumbnail, and copy the URL.
  • Then enter
  • Put the URL on the white bar.
  • Click “Fetch.”
  • Then you will see different size options to download the image. Select the one that is best for you.
  • And that’s it!

Is this tool free?

Yes. You can do it by yourself and the only thing you need is the URL from the original video.


Maybe you want the thumbnail image for inspiration or to use it as a reference on another work. However, remember that if you want to use the thumbnail, you should always give credits to the owner of the video or the channel that you are grabbing it from.

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